Psychological Health & Support

Individuals who receive a new diagnosis of diabetes often have tremendous difficulty coping with this news. As part of Diabetes Self Management Education/Training [DSME/DSMT] the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center provides mental health support by a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in providing assistance to people with diabetes. Contact the center to make an appointment.

T1D Young Adult Wellness Group

Managing the day to day demands of diabetes and juggling the different aspects that come with young adulthood can be stressful. Join our T1D Young Adult group to meet others who are going through similar experiences and to receive emotional and educational support. Different group themes will include stress management, enhancing your relationships through better communication, mindfulness, and how to set attainable health and well-being goals. Come meet new people, share experiences, realistic tips and new tools to assist you in living a balanced life.

Quarterly Thursdays: 5:30-6:30pm

Type 1 Peer and Wellness Group Flyer 2019

Type 2 Diabetes Wellness Group - Now Offered in Newport Beach and Irvine

Did you know stress and anxiety can impact how you manage your diabetes? The Allen Diabetes Center offers a peer wellness group so you don’t have to face diabetes alone. This wellness group will connect you to others who understand what you are going through and give you the opportunity to share your triumphs and challenges. If you need support from a certified diabetes educator, please call to schedule a class or appointment with one of our certified diabetes educators.

Type 2 Wellness Group Flyer 2019

Please note, this is not a diabetes education class, this is a support group for those affected by type 2 diabetes. If you are interested in diabetes educations classes please call 949-764-8065.