Breast Radiation Therapy

Once a breast cancer has been removed by lumpectomy, the surrounding remaining breast tissue is generally exposed.

Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment option that uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and destroy cancer cells. The radiation may be delivered by a machine outside the body or it may come from radioactive material placed in the body near cancer cells. Radiation therapy is seldom the entire treatment and is generally coordinated with surgery.

Consultation & Planning

When radiation therapy is determined to be an important component of your treatment, you will first meet with a Hoag Radiation Oncologist for a consultation discussing the details of your diagnosis, including stage, location and size. These details will help determine the radiation type that is best for you.

Utilizing sophisticated planning computers and software, Hoag’s medical physicists will then use the data to develop a three dimensional treatment plan, specifically tailored for you. This map of your tumor site allows the radiation oncology team to identify the specific area to treat, while sparing healthy tissue.

Hoag Radiation Oncology is the highest volume provider in Orange County, offering the largest and latest selection in radiation technology so you are in good hands.

Some of the most progressive options available for breast cancer patients include:

3D Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT)

  • 3DCRT offers advanced three dimensional (width, height and depth) imaging, providing radiation oncologists the ability to plan treatment more specifically. The process starts with a CT scan, providing a three dimensional picture of the patient’s body, including the tumor. Using this picture as a map, the radiation oncologist identifies a target to be treated and areas to be avoided. Each beam is shaped to deliver the maximum dose possible to the target, while avoiding surrounding sensitive structures.

IORT (Intra-operative Radiation Therapy)

  • IORT is a new technique where a concentrated dose of radiation is delivered to a cancer tumor site during surgery after the tumor is removed. This eliminates the need for several weeks of radiation treatment. Learn more.

Mammosite® Brachytherapy

  • An innovative treatment option offered to certain early-stage breast cancer patients in conjunction with a lumpectomy. Using this method, a concentrated dose of radiation is delivered only to the lumpectomy site and immediately adjacent tissues. This provides a more rapid method of radiation therapy with fewer side effects.

Hoag Radiation Oncology

Hoag’s Radiation Oncology Program is committed to quality and precision in radiation breast cancer treatment. The remodeled entire first floor of the Cancer Center is dedicated to radiation oncology, where a highly specialized team of medical experts deliver the latest in leading radiation therapies, as listed above.

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