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Hoag Nursing is an accredited program that has been recognized for its excellence in nursing care and has received the highest honor an organization can receive for professional nursing practices.
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Vision for Nursing

Our vision for nursing is to create a nurturing environment that promotes the advancement of evidence-based practices and fosters a commitment to healing. The nursing staff is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on family-centered care and wellness.

Professional Practice Model

Nursing Philosophy Statement

Hoag’s nursing service is a collaborative health care team dedicated to providing excellence in professional nursing care to serve the needs of a diverse community. The nursing staff works in cooperation with the entire health care team to surpass the expectations of the individual patient.

Supporting the Wellness and Resilience for Nurses at Hoag

Hoag recognizes the dedicated care nurses provide to our patients and the community. Hoag makes a special effort to assure nurses have access to wellness resources to support their emotional wellbeing and to promote resilience to maintain a healthy work life balance.

The comprehensive offerings include:

  • Employee Assistant Program to provide virtual or in person counseling
  • Applications that assist with emotional support
  • Virtual Reality to assist with relaxation
  • Massage chairs on nursing units

Community Education Classes

Community Education classes at Hoag offer the chance to become more engaged in your health care and investigate topics that are of interest to you.