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Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases or conditions. They follow strict scientific standards to protect patients and help produce reliable results that can lead to new advances in medical care.
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Advancing Treatment Through Groundbreaking Clinical Research

Hoag has built and maintained a solid reputation for providing quality health care. This is due in large part to its commitment to leading the way in state-of-the-art technologies and advanced treatment options, including groundbreaking clinical research.

Through innovative clinical trials, Hoag works to advance treatment options and improve health care by exploring the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, therapies, medical devices, and clinical and surgical methods. This ongoing collaboration between physician investigators and study volunteers is one of the foundations of modern health care because clinical trials help set the standards for patient care.

Mission and Vision

The Hoag Center for Research and Education’s vision is to be nationally recognized as a center of excellence in clinical research by providing access to cutting-edge therapies and innovative technologies.

Our mission is to promote a culture of research by integrating research with clinical care, educating the communities we serve and partnering with our physician leaders. We are committed to improving the health of our patients by focusing on quality, patient-centered compassionate care.


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Clinical trials and research can provide life-changing care. If you are interested in accessing a clinical trial, please reach out and a research coordinator will work with you on trial options.

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