Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Department of Hoag Health serves patients, their families, and staff by providing spiritual and emotional support for all faith traditions and a caring presence in times of spiritual and emotional need. Through the services of staff Chaplains at both the Newport Beach and Irvine campuses, as well as Faith Community Nursing (FCN) representing the Spiritual Care Department throughout the greater Orange County area, the Spiritual Care Department team integrates an interdisciplinary and interfaith approach that undergirds health and wholeness for spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.

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Partnership with the Presbyterian churches of Orange County began in 1945 with the fund raising efforts of the Rev. Raymond I. Brahams of the Community Presbyterian Church of Laguna Beach, the Rev. O. Scott McFarland of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana, other local churches, civic groups, and matching support from the Hoag Family Foundation. Land was purchased overlooking Newport Harbor and a 75 bed hospital was built, receiving its first patient on September 15, 1952.

In 1965, Rev. Edward G. Reitz became Hoag’s first chaplain. Five years later the Rev. Wm. Robert Parry succeeded him and expanded services to include a second protestant chaplain, the Rev. Lloyd Sellers, and a Roman Catholic priest. Under the Rev. Parry’s direction, a health ministries/parish nurse program was started. Later the program became a part of Hoag Community Medicine. Following the Rev. Parry’s retirement, the Rev. Dr. Donald Oliver was hired as director in 1992 and Father Joseph Rich joined the staff a few years later, who retired in December 2006. The Rev. Dr. Johanna Griesel became Executive Director of Spiritual Care for Hoag Health in January, 2023, bringing extensive background in management of a health system Pastoral Care department and more than two decades in training of hospital Chaplains.

The members of the Spiritual Care staff have enjoyed a very special relationship with Hoag’s founding organization, the Association of Presbyterian Members (made up of two appointees from each congregation in Los Ranchos Presbytery, as well as the ECO Presbyterian Churches). Together, we have worked to ensure access to the highest quality physical and spiritual care.

Spiritual Care Department Staff

  • Executive Director of Spiritual Care – Rev. Johanna M. Griesel, Ph.D.
  • Chaplains Serving Newport Beach
    • Christie Shine, M.T.S.
    • John Roll, MDiv, BCC
    • Dean-Paul Aguirre, MTS, MAPT
    • James Kook, MDiv
  • Chaplains Serving Irvine
    • Joseph Choi, MDiv
    • Sondos Kholaki, MDiv, BCC
    • William Summerville, MDiv
  • Faith Community Nursing
    • Program Manager – Susan Johnson, RN-BC, MPH
    • Administrative Assistant Sr. – ​Kellie Gonzalez   
    • Faith Community Nurse – Juliana Emina-Coney, RN, MASL
    • Faith Community Nurse – Beth Otterbein, RN, BSN
    • Faith Community Nurse – Diane Grothjan, RN, PHN, BSN, MPA
    • Faith Community Nursing Outreach RN – Corby Beahm, RN, BSN, MS

Faith Community Nursing

Established in 1987, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has supported an expansive Faith Community Nursing Program throughout Orange County. This spiritually-based wellness program is open to all faith traditions and is administered by the Faith Community Nurse (FCN). The purpose of the program is to support the mental, physical and spiritual health needs of those being served. Each FCN develops educational programs and interventions specific to the unique needs of their faith community as they seek a health affirming balance between the mind, body and spirit. Visit us to learn more about Hoag’s Faith Community Nursing Program.