Hoag Melanoma/Advanced Skin Cancer Program

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The Hoag Melanoma/Advanced Skin Cancer Program is a comprehensive program in Orange County designed to take care of individuals with a diagnosis of melanoma and complex skin malignancies.

The skin cancer specialists from Hoag will partner with your dermatologist to offer concentrated expertise in advanced diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention. This skilled team can offer second opinions, surgical consultation through both a surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon, clinical nurse navigation, access to leading clinical trials, and support and resources for the patient and their families.

Why Choose Hoag for Your Melanoma Care?

  • Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Program - The Hoag Melanoma/Advanced Skin Cancer Program was developed to focus on the patient, and the multiple aspects of care he/she may need throughout this journey. Hoag is proud to offer one of the most complete and comprehensive programs in Orange County.
  • Multidisciplinary Team - Hoag offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary team to evaluate and treat the spectrum of melanoma or advanced skin cancer. Our medical experts are subspecialty trained at world renowned institutions and are actively involved in research to continue the advancement of melanoma care.
  • Patient-Centered Care - A diagnosis of melanoma or advanced skin cancer can be difficult to manage emotionally, physically and financially. Hoag Family Cancer Institute offers comprehensive support services centered around the patient and their families. From support groups to one-on-one counseling, to educational and mind, body spirit workshops, Hoag Oncology Support Services​​ supports the whole person, and can link you to numerous resources for other types of support.
  • Clinical Nurse Navigator - A unique asset to a skin cancer program, Hoag offers dedicated clinical nurse navigators that help the patient and their families through diagnosis and treatment to survivorship.

To contact Hoag’s Melanoma/Advanced Skin Cancer Program, please call 877-494-3484.​