Hoag Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program

Hoag Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program offers a variety of services to help keep your brain healthy as you age through education, risk factor management and memory assessment.

Cognitive disorders are conditions that cause individuals to have difficulty thinking clearly and precisely. They can impair perception, memory, communication, reasoning, judgment, or socially appropriate behavior. These cognitive impairments can also affect mood, functional activities and behavior. The initial symptoms of cognitive impairment may be perceived as a decline in mood, function or behavior.

It is not commonly known that the majority of individuals with cognitive impairment do not have Alzheimer’s disease or other degenerative brain diseases. In primary care settings, more than half of individuals with cognitive impairment do not have Alzheimer’s disease. The majority of those with cognitive impairment have a treatable cause​, provided it is detected early. This is why annual monitoring of cognition after age 45, early detection, correct diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairment are so important.​

OC Vital Brain at Hoag

Take steps now to promote healthy brain aging for years to come. Adopting strategies to reduce your risk for multiple medical conditions will help you maintain your brain health as you age.

OC Vital Brain at Hoag, formerly known as the Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program, is a community program promoting long-term brain health through education, risk factor management, and early intervention against medical conditions that impair memory.

Beginning at age 45, OC Vital Brain recommends a two-step process to assess your brain health:

  1. Call 949-764-6288 for an in-person memory assessment ($45)
  2. Repeat each year

Through this process, you will begin a path toward recognizing your risk factors and understanding how they can impact your memory.

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