Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program

Cognitive loss is seen in one of eight people over 65, the fastest growing age demographic. Hoag's Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program promotes cognitive health through prevention, early detection, accurate diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment approach including access to clinical research and trials.

Hoag Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program

Our Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program continues to focus on three main goals: 

  1. Promoting cognitive health through the Orange County Vital Brain Program (OCVBP), a population-based prevention program, offering public and physician education, cognitive assessment services embedded within the community, and coordination and triage of healthcare resources for the program participants.
  2. Delivering an accurate diagnostic assessment and monitoring of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders.
  3. Offering comprehensive treatment approach including an access to clinical research and trials.


OC Vital Brain at Hoag

OCVBP has provided a community-wide, multi-disciplinary portfolio of services, supported by prior grants and philanthropy, promoting cognitive health in our community since 2010. Targeting persons over 45 years old, this effort is disseminated through public and healthcare professional education seminars, self-education and self-screen tools, in-person memory assessment services, plus triaging community resources and healthcare services when indicated.

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In-Person Memory Screening

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