Hoag Precision Medicine Program

Precision Medicine at Hoag

Hoag’s Precision Medicine Program combines genomics and genetics to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. Using the latest advances in genomic technologies, targeted therapies and research, our precision medicine program brings together a multidisciplinary team, including a robust genetic counseling group of experts, to provide patients with the latest in innovation and technology.

Why is Hoag Different?

  • Multidisciplinary Team – Hoag offers a large multidisciplinary team led by a precision medicine expert all of whom are dedicated to the protocols, evaluation and education of precision medicine. The team includes a clinical genomic scientist, molecular pathologist, medical geneticist, genetic counselors, and precision medicine director.
  • Collaboration with Top Sequencing Facilities – Hoag partners with top laboratories to analyze tumors and sequence cancer genes.
  • Science-Based Decision Making – Hoag utilizes numerous technologies and databases to offer personalized information that leads to more targeted treatment and information to help Hoag physicians care for their patients.
  • High Risk & Early Detection Programs – For patients at an increased risk of cancer or cancers associated with their gene mutation, Hoag offers numerous screening, active surveillance, and early detection programs.
  • Research – Whether it be one of the many available clinical trials at Hoag or elsewhere in the United States, Hoag’s Center for Applied Genomics searches for the most beneficial clinical trial to pair with Hoag patients.

Learn More About Hoag’s Precision Medicine Program

Precision Medicine at Hoag

Hoag Family Cancer Institute continually works to provide the very best care for our patients. Hoag’s Precision Medicine Program and its team of highly-regarded industry experts are a testament to that. No other hospital in Orange County provides this level of personalized cancer care. Hoag’s Precision Medicine team is here to support our oncology physicians and partners. If you are interested in access to this care, we encourage you to speak with your physician. Your oncologist, or referring physician, can work directly with Hoag's Precision Medicine team to review your case and discuss next steps.