Corporate Wellness at Hoag

Mindfulness and meditation practices are scientifically proven to regenerate our brains and change the way we think and react. As a result many corporations across the USA and around the world are introducing mindfulness practices to their leadership and staff members as a way to counter stress in the workplace and increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Learn ways through the science of mindfulness and meditation practices of how you can become your most effective self. Explore new ways of dealing with stress in the workplace that will aid you on your journey towards a calmer and more centered you.

“Mindfulness As An Antidote To Stress In The Workplace"

Introduction to mindfulness, how you can practice it and the science behind how and why these practices work. To learn more click here.

“Mindful Communication In The Workplace”

Explore how stress and anxiety in the workplace affects productivity and what the triggers and reactors are to these stressful situations. To learn more click here.

“Change Your Mindset To Change Your Work Life”

Learn ways to detox your mind through the art of meditation and mindfulness practices. Become your best self and deliver the results required in your role. To learn more click here.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of any of the above presentations participants will have:

  • Awareness of what mindfulness is and how you can practice it
  • Knowledge of stress in the workplace and its impact
  • Physiological impact of stress on the body and mind
  • Science behind mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Knowledge of how mindfulness is an effective form of stress reduction
  • Have experienced a mindfulness meditation
  • Demonstrate one mindfulness technique to incorporate into your daily work life.

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