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Mindfulness and meditation practices are scientifically proven to regenerate our brains and change the way we think and react. Hoag is leading the way by bringing corporate mindfulness to the workplace. You may select one, two or all three programs, and proposals can be tailored upon request.

Adding mindfulness to an office yields more effective communication, improved employee satisfaction and productivity. Schedule your 60-minute mindfulness program today to benefit senior executives and key clients:

  1. Annual Conferences
  2. Executive Leadership Sessions
  3. Strategy Meetings


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of any of the above presentations participants will have:

  • Awareness of what mindfulness is and how you can practice it
  • Knowledge of stress in the workplace and its impact
  • Physiological impact of stress on the body and mind
  • Science behind mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Knowledge of how mindfulness is an effective form of stress reduction
  • Have experienced a mindfulness meditation
  • Demonstrate one mindfulness technique to incorporate into your daily work life.

Price upon proposal. We provide complimentary needs assessment and proposals tailored to your organization’s needs.

To learn more about our corporate wellness offerings, please contact us at CorporateWellness@hoag.org

Mindful Leadership

Introduction to mindfulness, how you can practice it and the science behind how and why these practices work.