Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes that are diabetes friendly do not need to be tasteless, nor should they be difficult to find. When implimenting a diabetes treatment plan it is critical to maintain a healthy diet by making healthy food choices, understanding food labels, calculating calorie needs and being mindful of carbohydrate protein and fat intake.

The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center offers free cooking classes focusing healthy cooking and nutrition management for those with diabetes and interested in diabetes.

UPCOMING Cooking Demonstration –Diabetes Awareness Month & Eat to Beat Diabetes – November 13 at 5:30 p.m.
Celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month, with a special presentation by Dr. Ahn on the latest advancements in diabetes care followed by a super food cooking demonstration with Chef Cruz.
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PAST Cooking Demonstration - Vampire Proof: Cooking with Garlic - October 2018

The recipes below are designed by nutritionists and tailored to the dietary needs of individuals with diabetes. Not only are these recipes diabetes friendly, they are delicious. Our recipes include a selection of appetizers, beverages, desserts,entrees, and side dishes. You will also find delightful and healthy dishes for every season of the year. All of our recipes are offered as PDF files and are yours to keep. Just simply save a recipe of your choice to your computer or print them out.

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Side Dishes

The Allen Diabetes Center can assist you on your way to healthy living. The Center has one of the largest diabetes education programs in Orange County and offers dietitians and educators certified for all major continuous glucose monitoring sensors (CGMS) and major insulin pumps. The center also offers free educational events and support groups for the community on topics including nutrition, cooking, exercise and psychosocial support.