Hoag Pregnancy and Infant Loss Program

Dear Parents and Family,

We know this is a painful time and one you were not prepared for, and we extend our heartfelt sympathy. During this time you may be experiencing a variety of emotions and reactions that may be difficult to understand or control. It may also be difficult to think clearly and make decisions. We hope this site provides some understanding about the emotions you will experience as you grieve for the loss of your baby. We hope this information is helpful as you think through the decisions you will be faced with in the days ahead.

You may be presented with a number of decisions to make regarding your baby, depending upon the stage of your pregnancy at the time of loss. These may include naming your baby, finding out the gender of your baby, viewing and holding your baby, and receiving a photo or other memento. You may have specific cultural or religious practices we can help with if possible. We encourage you to ask questions and take time making these decisions and if you change your mind, just let us know. In addition, we have included some information to assist you in making funeral or memorial service arrangements.

As you go through the grieving and healing process, you will find that friends and family will want to help, however, they may not know the best way to lend their support. This site includes helpful information for them as well.

If you are reading this information after leaving the hospital and have questions or need additional support, please contact Hoag’s Baby Line at 949-764-2229.

Hoag has resources to assist you, including support groups, social services and pastoral care services. Please do not hesitate to approach our staff with questions or concerns about your feelings, what to expect, and what decisions need to be made.

In deepest sympathy,

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian


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