Telehealth Services

To better serve the diabetes community, the Allen Diabetes Center has expanded its current telehealth offerings to include:

  • Insulin teaching visits
  • Gestational diabetes education
  • Diabetes self-management, education, and support
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • CGM and insulin pump training
  • Virtual support groups for T1D and T2D
  • Endocrinology visits with Dr. David Ahn


How to Book an Appointment for Existing Patients

  • Call the Center at 949-764-8065 to speak with a team member to coordinate your care.


How to Book an Appointment for New Patients

  • Your primary care physician will need to complete and fax a referral form to the Center.
  • Once the form has been submitted, you may call the Center at 949-764-8065 to book an appointment.

If You Already Have a Telehealth Appointment Scheduled With Us 

  • For detailed information and instructions about your upcoming telehealth visit, please contact the Center at 949-764-8065.