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Palliative Care

Now Scheduling Telehealth Appointments

Hoag is here for our community and wants to ensure you continue to receive world class care as we face COVID-19. In an effort to keep you safe at home, Hoag has launched the ability to schedule appointments via phone or video. Select Hoag physicians and clinics have the ability to perform telehealth appointments.

How to Schedule a Telehealth Appointment?

When you call your physician’s office, they will ask if you’d like to schedule a telehealth appointment. Telehealth appointments can be done via a phone call or through video. A staff member will then walk you through the steps related to completing a telehealth appointment.

Please note: Not all appointments can be done virtually. Your physician’s office will let you know what appointments can be done via phone or video, and what appointments are necessary to be done in person. Hoag continues to follow CDC recommendations to ensure our facilities are cleaned and sanitized for patients.

For more COVID-19 related information, visit: Helpful Information about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What is Palliative Care

Palliative care is a specialty that focuses on improving the quality of life of individuals facing serious illness through medical management and emotional support. Any individual who suffers an illness that is likely to limit life expectancy can benefit from palliative care.

The Palliative Care team provides consultations with a team approach to advance health care planning and counsel on symptom management.

Palliative care is a not a hospice program, nor is it a program for the terminally ill.