Hoag Is Shaping The Future Of Medicine

Hoag is advancing technologies to improve the lives of patients every day. By leading the nation in the use of virtual reality for surgery, pain management and maternal care, we invite our patients deep into their own wellness journey. The result is care that is both excellent and immersive.

Experience The VR Operating Room

Hoag’s surgeons are among only a few in the nation to use 3D modeling and VR tools to “rehearse” complex procedures, which reduces the time and risk associated with surgery. What’s more, some surgeons at Hoag are taking their patients on “flights” through their own planned surgeries.

“It gave me a sense of calm and trust. It made me understand what the surgeon was going to have to conquer. The excellent way he explained put me at ease.”

VR For Pain & Stress Management

Research is proving the immense value of virtual reality for pain and stress management. At Hoag, we use VR to help our patients recover faster and experience relief on their healing journey. From managing pain to promoting better sleep, virtual reality is improving our patients’ quality of life.

From swimming with whales to exploring Portugal, VR provides “out-of-body” experiences that alleviate pain and anxiety – without the use of opioids or other pain medications.

“The technology allows me to experience brief moments of zero pain where I can refocus and re-channel positive energy to help me get through spasms. It motivates me to keep going. It’s like the pieces of a broken puzzle started falling back into place.”