Breast Cancer Screening

Learn About Screening Guidelines

An optimal breast health routine includes:

  • Breast awareness (including breast self-exam)
  • Yearly physician physical exam
  • Annual screening mammogram

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, American College of Radiology and Hoag Breast Program recommend annual mammograms starting at age 40 as the standard of care. However, patients are encouraged to personalize their screening program with their physician.

Every woman should consider routine screening mammography as an important part of her overall approach to health and wellness. Although breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that occurs in women, it is also one of the most detectable and curable thanks to early detection resulting from routine mammography. Routine annual mammograms, called screening mammograms, play an important role in the early detection of breast cancer. That’s because they can show subtle changes in the breast well before a woman or her physician can feel them.

Although mammography detects most abnormalities before they can be felt, physical examinations may occasionally reveal a lump that doesn’t show up on a mammogram. That’s why an annual clinical breast exam by your physician and monthly breast self-examinations are also important components of a woman’s preventive health plan.

Presently, while there are lifestyle options that may reduce your risk, there is no proven method for preventing breast cancer. However, through routine screening mammography, breast cancer can be identified at its earliest, most curable stage. If found and treated early, while still localized in the breast, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer approaches 97-98 percent. In addition, when the tumor is detected early, breast-conserving surgery is generally possible.

Hoag is committed to utilizing the latest in screening technologies and offers a comprehensive selection of options. If you are uncertain about which type of imaging is right for you, you’re not alone. Your physician can help you determine which regimen is best for you.

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