Cancer Clinical Trials

Hoag Family Cancer Institute offers comprehensive clinical trials for all solid tumor cancers, and has the largest Phase 1 Clinical Trials Program in Orange County (early phase trials).

Early Development Clinical Trials

Early development clinical trials (phase I and II) are novel drug therapies that examine new treatments that provide options beyond standard of care. During these trials, researchers are carefully examining the best way to administer the treatment, determine how much can be safely given, identify important potential side effects, as well as assess cancer response. These trials can be used as a first line of therapy when known standard treatments are not effective, in addition to therapies for advanced disease when there are few alternatives. Early development trials are available for all solid tumor cancers, with new trials coming online each month. Patients enrolled in early phase trials will be guided by a dedicated cancer research team and led by medical oncologists who are specialized in these type of innovative trials. These medical oncologists and cancer research team members will remain in close communication with the referring physician, to ensure close collaboration on the patient's care and well-being.

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Enrolling in a clinical trial is a decision to make with your medical oncologist. We encourage you to discuss this treatment option with your doctor, then contact us to determine if a trial is available for you.

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