Aortic Program

The Elaine & Robert Matranga Aortic Center offers a comprehensive approach to aortic care, including the use of advanced diagnostic testing and active surveillance. The Elaine & Robert Matranga Aortic Center at Hoag is a comprehensive program that provides a multidisciplinary, integrated team approach to caring for complex aortic disease. Our team offers long-term management including active surveillance, advanced treatment options and 24/7 emergency care.


Trusted, Comprehensive Care for Complex Aortic Disease

Dedicated Aortic Center Medical Team

A diagnosis of aortic disease may often leave patients asking, “Where do I go from here?” At Hoag, we provide answers and much more through experienced clinical nurse navigators. Hoag’s clinical nurse navigator assists patients and their families, to help them access and navigate their care journey.

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Marfan Syndrome & Related Conditions Program

Hoag is proud to offer comprehensive care for individuals with rare connective tissue conditions and other genetic aortic and vascular conditions. With David H. Liang, M.D., one of the few cardiac subspecialists in the world that focuses on these various syndromes, and a team of cardiac surgeons trained in aortic surgical care, along with additional specialists, Hoag offers an integrated, best-in-class team, serving Southern California and beyond.

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Designated Cardiovascular Receiving Center by Emergency Medical Services

Hoag’s designation as a cardiovascular receiving center (CVRC) by Orange County Emergency Medical Services means our emergency departments are working 24/7 with emergency transport personnel before you arrive and are then prepared to provide rapid assessment and treatment saving precious time to ensure the best possible outcome.

Convenient Cardiac Rehabilitation to Help You Gain Your Confidence

Hoag’s cardiac rehabilitation program greatly benefit patients recovering from certain cardiovascular conditions such as thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections. The comprehensive, physician-supervised program in Newport Beach and Irvine helps patients come back stronger through progressive physical exercise, risk factor modification, education and support. Hoag is with you at every step of your recovery.

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Aortic Disease and Related Conditions

Your Aortic Disease Experts

At Hoag, our comprehensive Matranga Aortic Center provides a multidisciplinary, integrated team approach to caring for complex aortic disease. This approach has led Hoag to become a referral center for aortic disease in Southern California and beyond.

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