Sweet Life Cooking Demonstrations
Free virtual cooking classes, focused on healthy cooking and nutrition management for those with diabetes and interested in diabetes. Now offering virtually!


Peer Support Groups
Peer support groups are available for those with T1D, T2D and diabetes during pregnancy. Join others living with diabetes to receive support and encouragement from your peers. Now offering virtually!


Herbert Program for Young Adults with T1D - First Fridays
Join the Herbert Program on the first Friday of every month for a chance to connect and share experiences with other emerging adults who have type 1 diabetes. Now offering virtually!

T1D Virtual Trivia Night

July 21, 2021 at 5:30p.m.

“Clock out” for the day, turn on your trivia brain, and get ready to have some fun with your local type 1 diabetes community! Join the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center for Virtual T1 Trivia Night, an invitation to take a break from the stress of managing diabetes and thinking about what’s going on in the world in favor of spending time doing something different with the MDADC community instead.

True Life: T1D Changed the Way I Eat

August 4, 2021 at 5:30p.m.

Whether your endocrinologist has told you that you can eat whatever you want as long as you dose for it or suggests that you make some highly restrictive changes in your diet, food can be a touchy topic in the type 1 diabetes community due to the highly personal nature of the way we choose to eat and handle T1D. Join the Herbert Program for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes for a virtual, judgement-free panel discussion on the different ways that people choose to eat to optimize their diabetes management.


T1D Community Series: Understanding and Maximizing Your Insurance

September 29, 2021 at 5:30p.m.

From visits to medications to devices, managing type 1 diabetes includes navigating health insurance coverage and the financial challenges of chronic illness. Join Samantha Markovitz, NBC-HWC and Dr. David Ahn of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center for an overview of need-to-know information that will help you better choose, understand, and maximize your health insurance coverage in the coming year.


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