Sweet Life Cooking Demonstrations - 3rd Tuesday of every month: 5:30-7:30pm
Free cooking classes focusing on healthy cooking and nutrition management for those with diabetes and interested in diabetes.
Light Up the Grill – June 20 at 5:30 p.m.
Learn how to make healthy, low-carb dishes on the grill to enjoy during picnics and summer BBQs.
1st Fridays
Join the Herbert Program the first Friday of every month for a chance to connect and share experiences with other young adults who have type 1 diabetes.

In partnership with the PADRE Foundation, the Allen Diabetes Center will offer the following events:

Through the Looking Glass - May 25

*Two tracks: (1) Parents (2) Children / Young Adult

Making sense of a new diagnosis can be difficult. Come and discuss some of the issues that can arise through the different age groups and how to address them with your children. Some of the topics will include: anxiety, depression, and heightened stress. Our goal is to provide resources and support to help you and your family. We will help each other navigate this as we explore the journey through the looking glass.

Approaching Someone You Care About: Eating Disorders - August 31
* Two tracks: (1) Parents (2) Children / Young Adult

How do you approach someone about eating habits or body image? We will discuss binging, stress eating, relationships with food and other emotions that go hand in hand with eating disorders in a caring and positive environment. An expert will be available to address the problem through different approaches and provide resources for more severe issues.

We Have What It Takes - November 30
As we wrap up the year, we will make sense of how to use the family and support system’s strengths to navigate a child’s diagnosis. We will discuss effective communication tools and identify ways to continue to be supportive of one another. When “i” is replaced by “we”, even illness becomes wellness. We all have what it takes to get through this.

RSVP by calling the PADRE Foundation office at 714-509-8330 or email [email protected].
* Indicates that youth leaders will be available to tend to children who do want not to participate in the discussion.

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