Hoag Lung Cancer Program

With more than two decades of experience in lung cancer care, Hoag Family Cancer Institute, is a recognized leader in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer with superior patient outcomes that exceed national statistics.

Superior Patient Outcomes


Being a high-volume cancer center enables the lung care team at Hoag to achieve a technical skill level not all facilities can match. Hoag was also awarded a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) accreditation from the Surgical Review Corporation, and was chosen as a national mentorship site for training physicians and other hospitals on new procedures and techniques.

Survival Rates Higher than National Average

Hoag’s five-year relative survival rate for lung cancer is better than the national figure. Hoag’s survival rates have steadily improved over the years, while there has been very little improvement in national figures. In fact, our patients have continued to achieve better survival outcomes for every stage of lung cancer.

Precision Medicine

Hoag Lung Cancer Program is pleased to offer patients with a more advanced therapeutic approach to treating their lung cancer utilizing precision medicine, or genomic testing.

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The Latest Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment

With an emphasis on personalized patient-centered care, Hoag’s multidisciplinary team of lung care experts provides streamlined access to the full array of advanced lung cancer diagnosis and treatment options tailored to the individual. The team consists of board certified medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, thoracic oncologic surgeons, diagnostic radiologists, pathologists and a dedicated lung cancer nurse navigator – all of whom work together to consistently achieve superior patient outcomes that rival national figures.

Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator

A clinical nurse navigator serves an important role as facilitator and guide for patients, providing resources, access to clinical providers and answering questions throughout the cancer journey.

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State-of-the-Art Patient-Centered Care

Hoag Family Cancer Institute provides not only centralized care and enhanced patient comfort and safety, but it also offers the latest leading-edge technologies for accurately evaluating and treating lung cancer, as well as an extensive Complementary Care Program to educate and support patients and their families.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Hoag was an early adopter to providing an early detection program for lung cancer, seeing the value in utilizing low-dose CT scanning for the detection of even the smallest lung modules. Today, lung cancer screening has also been adopted by reputable health organizations and some private insurances and Medicare now cover the cost.

Groundbreaking Clinical Trials & Research

Hoag leads innovative clinical trials, including immunotherapy agents, all pushing for more advanced, effective care for lung cancer patients.

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Meet Hoag's Team of Lung Cancer Specialists

Hoag’s highly experienced multidisciplinary team of lung care experts continues to lead the way in advanced lung cancer care specifically tailored to the patient.

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