Intern Opportunities

If you are interested in diabetes care management, the Allen Diabetes Center offers a unique learning experience. Amongst other tasks and responsibilities, a student intern can expect to:

  • Contribute to various research projects by assisting with patient recruitment, data collection and analyses, and submission of abstracts for conference presentations. Publication opportunities may also be available based on student’s contribution.
  • Develop user friendly, culturally sensitive programs and materials for the center’s diverse patient populations including women with gestational diabetes, young adults with type 1 diabetes, and the elderly patients,
  • Develop assessment measures for outcome evaluations of various diabetes programs at the center,
  • Review and further develop the diabetes education curriculum for newly diagnosed patients,
  • Shadow healthcare professionals and educators

In addition to our student intern program we also offer Registered Dietitian Preceptorships.

Types of Rotations Available

  • Outpatient – RD is responsible for care/counseling of outpatients’ nutritional needs

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See what our interns are saying about our program:

“I am delighted at the opportunity to be selected as the new MPH practicum-intern for the Melinda Smith Hoag Center for Healthy Living (MSHCHL) in collaboration with the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center, Hoag Hospital (Newport Beach). I am currently pursuing Masters of Public Health at the USC Keck School of Medicine. My endeavor is to combine my optometric background with my passion for reducing preventable vision loss in our underserved communities. MSHCHL is making that vision possible. Recent nationwide surveys underscore the importance of focusing on preservation of eye health. I am designing culturally sensitive educational materials to increase awareness of diabetes-related vision complications in our underserved Orange County communities. Michaell Rose, LCSW, and Director of MSHCHL along with Harsimran Singh, PhD, Clinical Research Scientist at the Allen Diabetes Center will direct and guide all aspects of my practicum including the development of needed educational materials. I am extremely grateful and privileged to be a part of Hoag’s dedicated community outreach programs supported by its Community Benefit Program.” – C. Caputo, USC MPH Program

“Interning at Hoag’s Diabetes Center has been such a valuable opportunity. I have enjoyed every second of my training experience as I learn more every day about diabetes and preventing it. I am helping their staff on a program that has just been approved. Viviendo Saludabe is a community-based program that helps Latina Women who are prediabetic learn more about prediabetes and the necessary tools to prevent it. As an intern, I will be helping with the maintenance sessions of this program. During the maintenance session, I will be inviting the women from the program to come to the center and share their experiences with me. This helps us as professionals understand how the women feel and what we can do better to make a difference in their lives. As a fourth-year Public Health student, at the University of California, Irvine it is an honor to serve the community of Orange County. I am excited to be working with such dedicated individuals that give their all to help their community through prevention services and most of all support.” – B. Camacho, UCI Public Health Policy and Social Policy