Gynecologic Cancers

Working in collaboration, Hoag Family Cancer Institute and Hoag Women's Health Institute approach gynecologic cancer in a comprehensive, patient-centered approach. We are the only hospital in Orange County that offers a super subspecialized fellowship-trained gynecologic oncologist team that provides drug therapy, including clinical trials, and surgical excellence in one award-winning physician team.

Unmatched Gynecologic Cancer Care

As the leading provider of gynecologic cancer care, Hoag treats more women than any other hospital in Orange County. With a multidisciplinary approach that includes prevention, early detection, the use of promising new therapies and complementary care, the team at Hoag provides gynecologic cancer patients with every diagnostic and therapeutic advantage.

We approach gynecologic cancer in a comprehensive and patient-centered manner. We put the patient at the center of everything we do and our team of experts helps to coordinate your care seamlessly. 

Largest Robotic-Assisted Surgery Program on the West Coast

Hoag's Gynecologic Oncology Program is a leader in the use of robotic-assisted surgery in the treatment of gynecologic cancers. As the highest volume center in Orange County and on the West Coast, Hoag's gynecologic oncologist team is highly skilled in minimally invasive surgery, leading to shorter hospitals stays, less blood loss and pain.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the only gynecologic cancer that can be prevented by regular screenings and vaccination. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the third-most common type of cancer in women, usually affecting those between the ages of 30 and 35.

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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer among women. While a cancer diagnosis can be scary, Hoag will be here to support you every step of the way through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

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Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy. When discovered early, surgery alone may be adequate therapy.

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Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal cancer is one of the rarest types of gynecologic cancers, accounting for only three percent of reproductive cancers. Originating in the lining of the vagina, it most often affects women between the ages of 50 and 70 years old.

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Vulvar Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, vulvar cancer accounts for .7% of all cancers in women. At Hoag, our comprehensive, patient-centered approach to treating vulvar cancer is designed to help you stay informed and feel supported throughout diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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Groundbreaking Clinical Trials & Research

Hoag leads innovative clinical trials, including immunotherapy agents, all pushing for more advanced, effective care for gynecologic cancer patients.

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Using Molecular Based Technology to Transform Gynecologic Cancer Care

Hoag’s Center for Applied Genomic Technologies works seamlessly with Hoag’s Gynecologic Cancer Program to provide a precise molecular understanding of each patients tumor, leading to more personalized, effective cancer treatment plans. 

Gynecologic Cancer Nurse Navigator

A clinical nurse navigator serves an important role as facilitator and guide for patients, providing resources, access to clinical providers and answering questions throughout the cancer journey.

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