T1D Education & Events

1st Fridays
Join the Herbert Program the first Friday of every month for a chance to connect and share experiences with other emerging adults who have type 1 diabetes.

T1D Young Adult Support Group - Quarterly Thursdays: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Managing the day to day demands of diabetes while also juggling the complexities surrounding young adulthood can be quite stressful. Participate in our T1D young adult group to meet others who are going through similar experiences, receive emotional support and learn ways to manage your diabetes more effectively. These peer groups will tackle a variety of important topics like stress management, enhancing relationships through better communication, mindfulness, and how to set attainable health and well-being goals. Come meet new people, share experiences, realistic tips and new tools to assist you in living a balanced life.

Upcoming Class Dates: February 21, April 18, June 20, August 15, October 17

In partnership with the PADRE Foundation, the Allen Diabetes Center will offer the following events. All sessions are facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker and will be held from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Youth leaders will be available to tend to children who do not want to participate in the discussion. Snacks will be provided.

To RSVP, call the PADRE Foundation at 714-509-8330 or email [email protected]

Let’s embrace our innate ability for positive self- talk. Take back your power and surrender your fears. Join us in a discussion about nutrition and body image with our registered dieticians and eating disorder specialist.
  • LIVING A FIT LIFE – April 17, 2019

Successful T1D management and exercise go hand in hand. Staying physically active is one of the best ways to increase time-in-range. Starting physical activity when living with T1D can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Hear from experts, living with T1D, to learn about what it takes to start that first season of team sports, run your first mile, or even take on endurance sports!


Each stage of our life brings a new experience – each one with its unique challenges, adventures, barriers and successes. Whether it’s from middle school to high school, going off to college, starting a new career or relationship, there’s plenty of unknowns.

Join PADRE and the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center to hear from people living with T1D and how they were able to successfully navigate the journey ahead. Panelists will include middle/high school students, college attendees/recent grads, and adults living with T1D to discuss specific challenges that impact each stage of life. Topics covered will include: dating, interviewing for your first job and man aging a family.

Join us for a discussion of triumphs and hurdles and the strength that arises from each experience. This class is currently being offered for parents of those with T1D.

If your child has T1D please visit our partner the PADRE Foundation for events and news.