Ueberroth Program for Women with Diabetes

In partnership with Hoag Women's Health Institute, the Allen Diabetes Center provides services for women with diabetes throughout their lives. Special diabetes-related health concerns are addressed by this program with services targeted to adolescents, women who are planning pregnancies, pregnant women and women in later life.

The Ueberroth Program for Women with Diabetes at the Allen Diabetes Center dramatically enhances the continuity of care available to women in the community. Funded through a generous grant from the Peter and Ginny Ueberroth Foundation, this program helps the Allen Diabetes Center ensure that all women, regardless of their financial circumstances, have access to world-class diabetes care before, during and after pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes (GDM), or diabetes that first develops during pregnancy, may develop in up to 7 percent of the population. The Ueberroth Program allows the Allen Diabetes Center to expand its award winning Sweet Success program so that it benefits many more mothers throughout Orange County.