Patient Stories

Learn about the patient experience at the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center by reading our patient's stories.

"After having my knee replacement surgery in 2010, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My initial reaction was not a surprise since my mother and grandfather both had diabetes. In fact, my grandfather died at fifty years from a stroke. The Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag Hospital has given to me the support and knowledge that I need. I am more aware of the condition that I live with and how to conduct myself to feel better. Having Medicare sessions is helpful and I am grateful to work with Joanna Moreno, my mentor.

Also, since I am retired from elementary teaching and have a degree in art, I have decided to compose annual affirmative calendars to demonstrate and share what I have learned." - P. Woods (Diabetes Self-Management Education Patient)

"My experience at, 'The Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag' was life changing. When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, I was scared, confused and to be honest, I was angry at my body. I've always been pretty fit and healthy looking. I was a size 27/28 denim!? I thought to myself, how could something like this happen to me? I didn't know what to expect. I remember dragging my husband to my first class. 15 min into my diabetes class, I was touched by the stories of the other woman who felt just like me and who were in my position. First off, I learned nothing I did triggered the onset of gestational diabetes. I also didn't realize there are over 200,000 cases per year from woman with gestational diabetes. But fortunately, if monitored correctly and adjusting my diet accordingly, it wouldn't harm me or my baby.

I did realized that I had a not so great eating habit. No, I didn't eat McDonald's or any fast food either. It was my portion sizes. I wasn't incorporating enough greens, protein and too large of a portion of carbohydrates. During my first class, the nurse taught us how to change our diet, so our blood sugar remains low.

Needless to say, changing my food habit was hard. I struggled at first but even worse was pricking my finger 3 times a day. I struggled to get my blood sugar to the appropriate levels. After a couple of weeks I was prescribed Glyburide.

The best news was seeing my blood sugar numbers. They were consistent and pricking my finger became a think of the past and it didn't even bother me anymore. During one of my weekly checkups, the nurse told me I lost weight and in other weeks, my weight remained the same. My change in diet and maintaining my gym regimen was working!

During my last 6 weeks of pregnancy, I had to visit Hoag Hospital two days a week for six weeks to check my amniotic fluid and kick counts. Two weeks before my due date, my OB, Dr. Lai, scheduled to induce me 4 days earlier. With gestational diabetes, you cannot pass 40 weeks. After a tough delivery, I gave birth via cesarean section to an 8lb 12 oz baby girl!

The majority of gestational diabetes causes it to disappear after delivery and I'm very proud to say, I no longer have diabetes and my baby girl, Palmer Luna is also healthy!

It's been a crazy journey but I feel very blessed to have been in such great hands at Hoag. The entire nursing staff at Hoag hospital and Allen diabetes center, had such wonderful best side manner. They really took the time to guide you through such a scary time. I do believe everything happens for a reason in life and I'm happy to say, I overcame this and I hope my message will help anyone else who is going through this." - C. Wynne (Sweet Success Patient)

“The Center has impacted my life by making me more aware of my diet and how it effects my life” – K. South (Sweet Success Patient)

“The Allen Diabetes Center has impacted me by teaching me to continue eating better and lead a healthier lifestyle – not just for my baby but also for myself.” – KM (Sweet Success Patient)

“The Center has given me the resources I need to understand what gestational diabetes is and how to control it.” – MF (Sweet Success Patient)

"I initially was very confused, worried and unaware of how to navigate with gestational diabetes. The team made everything very clear and helped put my mind at ease. I’ve definitely learned better eating habits and lifestyle to maintain good health and lower my risk of diabetes in the future.” – HJ (Sweet Success Patient)