Vascular Ultrasound Services

Hoag Vascular Laboratory provides a variety of services to meet the needs of patients and vascular specialists in many of Hoag’s health care settings.

Outpatient diagnostic services

Many diagnostic studies are performed in the outpatient setting. These include studies for the initial diagnostic evaluation of vascular disease and follow-up studies that assess for progression of the disease.

Inpatient care

Hoag Vascular Laboratory provides essential support for many of the hospital’s specialty services, including vascular surgery, cardiology, neurology, and others. Hoag Vascular Laboratory is located on the first floor of the main hospital at Hoag Hospital Irvine and on the second floor at the north tower at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach. All examinations are performed at the inpatient’s bedside at both hospitals.

Image-guided and intraoperative procedures

Vascular ultrasound imaging facilitates minimally invasive methods for the treatment of certain types of vascular procedures, including venous disease to treat varicose veins, treatment of pseudoaneurysms, guided vascular access for carotid endarterectomy, and peripheral vascular disease.

Why Choose Hoag for Your Vascular Imaging Needs?

  • The Only Vascular Lab in California IAC-Accredited (in all categories)
  • One of Five Vascular Labs Fully Accredited in the Nation
  • Accredited for over 30 Years
  • Specialized and Dedicated Technologists
  • Reading Physicians are Credentialed in Physician Vascular Interpretation

Hoag Vascular Lab Locations

To schedule an appointment at one of the locations below, please call 949-764-6350.

Hoag Health Center Huntington Beach
19582 Beach Blvd. (South of Yorktown)
Huntington Beach 92648

Hoag Hospital Newport Beach
One Hoag Drive
Newport Beach 92658

Hoag Health Center Irvine – Sand Canyon
16305 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite 120
Irvine, CA 92618