Heart Health Risk Assessments

Knowing and understanding your estimated risks of developing certain diseases can help you take control of your health and get treatment earlier. By taking one of our free online health risk assessments, we can help you determine the right level of care.

  • Diabetes Risk Assessment

    One out of every twelve American adults has diabetes. By taking our evidence-based assessment, you can discover your current and 8-year risk for developing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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  • Heart Health Assessment

    Our evidence-based assessment calculates your 10- and 30-year risks of developing cardiovascular disease. It also calculates a novel “heart age,” which contrasts an your risk level to the risk level of someone of the same age and gender with all other risk factors at the average level.

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  • Peripheral Artery Disease Risk Assessment

    Symptoms of PAD are often mistaken and the condition is difficult to diagnose. Take this evidence-based assessment to estimate your quantifiable risk of PAD based on health and lifestyle questions for actionable next steps.

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More Risk Assessments

See a full list of health assessment tools available through Hoag.

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