Aortic Valve Repair

As one of the highest-volume surgical programs in the country, Nancy & Bill Thompson Heart Valve Center’s expert cardiac surgery team​ is well-versed in the full array of aortic valve surgical options.

Aortic valve repair is a surgical approach for treating aortic valve disease. While there are many advantages to aortic valve repair, aortic valve replacement​ is more often utilized.

Aortic valve disease often affects a combination of areas within the heart, including the aortic valve, root, ascending aorta and arch. During aortic valve repair surgery, the arteries that branch from these segments may also require additional consideration. Taking into account your overall health and the condition of your aortic valve, Hoag surgeons may utilize a combination of procedures during valve repair, to provide the best possible outcome.

Aortic valve repair procedures include:

  • David Valve-Sparing Re-Implantation Procedure
  • Yacoub Remodeling Procedure​

David Valve-Sparing Aortic Root replacement

As its name indicates, this procedure is used for the replacement of the aortic root and ascending aorta only. The aortic valve is not replaced. However, it is re-implanted inside the Dacron tube graft, and both coronary arteries are re-attached to the Dacron. This procedure is primarily suitable for patients with trileaflet aortic valves with minimal aortic insufficiency. It may also be used in Marfan syndrome patients if their aortic annulus is not too dilated. Some patients with bicuspid aortic valve may also undergo this operation, if the leaflets are normal.

Yacoub Remodeling Procedure

The Yacoub remodeling procedure uses a scalloped design to create a new aortic root out of Dacron. This scalloped shape was thought to experience less shear force and, therefore, might be expected to add more longevity and competence to valve-sparing operations. While the long-term outcomes of the original procedure have varied across centers, data regarding the latest modification to this technique is still emerging and requires careful analysis. This procedure is indicated for use in the same group of patients as the David valve-sparing re-implantation procedure, but does not have the same endurance as the David repair.

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