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Steps to Take Before Your Cardiovascular Surgery

At the Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart and Vascular Institute, we want you to feel prepared for your upcoming surgical procedure. Listed below are the required forms for you to complete, as well as additional instructions and resources to guide you through surgery preparations. Please complete all the forms in advance, as well as review the instructions and helpful resources prior to your surgery date.

1. Complete all Required Forms

Download PDF file that includes all of the required forms

  • Pre-Operative Pack Instructions
  • Scheduling Surgery and Pre-Op Testing & Teaching Appointment
  • Patient History Questionnaire
  • Medication List
  • Pulmonary Function Testing Questionnaire
  • Health and Well-Being Survey
  • Dental Evaluation
  • Advanced Health Care Directive

2. Watch all Required Videos

View videos here

  • Pre-Operative Skin Preparation
  • Preparing for Heart Surgery
  • First Days of Recovery
  • Leaving the Hospital After Heart Surgery

3. Review Other Instructions and Resources

Download PDF file that includes all of the instructions and resources

  • Skin and Nasal Preparation
  • Blood Donation FAQ
  • Herbs and Anesthesia
  • Helpful Phone Numbers

Other Resources

Cardiovascular Surgery Booklet - Your Heart: The Inside Story

Information for the Heart and Vascular Patient

Map & Directions

Download Map