Telehealth Visits for Breast Surgical Services Appointments

The Breast Surgical Services Center at Hoag is happy to offer Telehealth / Video Visits.

What is a Telehealth/Video Visit?

Telehealth is a ‘video visit’ which allows you to meet with your provider through secure video conferencing technology from the comfort of your home or a preferred location. Even though he/she will not be there physically, your provider will be able to see you and you will be able to see and hear your provider similar to an in-office visit.

How Do I Prepare For My Video Visit?

To ensure your visit goes smoothly and is free of technical glitches, in advance of your visit, please complete the following three steps.

Step 1 – Choose a Device

You must have internet access and at least one of the following devices:

  • Laptop Computer with a Display, Speakers, Built-In or External Camera and Microphone
  • Desktop Computer with a Display, Speakers, External Camera and Microphone
  • Tablet with a Camera and Microphone
  • Smartphone with at least a 5.5” Display, Camera and Microphone

Step 2 – Download the FREE ZOOM Application

You will be using a safe, secure, and FREE internet-based video application called ZOOM Cloud Meeting to connect you with your provider. Prior to your appointment please download and install the application.

  • Windows or Mac desktop or laptop: or App Store; select ZOOM Cloud Meeting
  • Apple products iOS: Download the ZOOM Cloud Meeting app from the App Store.
  • Android: Download the ZOOM Cloud Meeting app from Google Play.

Step 3 – Test your ZOOM Cloud Meeting;

After downloading and installing the Zoom application, follow prompts to test your device by visiting

  • Smartphone or tablet: Follow the prompts to confirm camera, microphone and speakers are working.
  • Laptop or Desktop: When prompted choose “Join Audio Conference by computer.” Hover your mouse over the ZOOM toolbar. Your camera is working if you can see yourself. To test your microphone, unmute the microphone and speak. Microphone icon will flicker green when you speak, if operational.

Preparing on the Day of Your Appointment

  • 1-2 days before your visit, you may receive a MyChart or email message with more specific instructions for your appointment. It may also contain learning material that will be discussed at your visit.
  • Find a quiet and private space where you’re less likely to be distracted. DO NOT DRIVE while having the visit.
  • Prepare to show identification (Driver’s License) on-screen to the provider.
  • About 5 minutes before your visit, on your selected device, access the following link to enter the virtual waiting room for your provider:
  • Please wait in the virtual waiting room for the provider. Please be patient as your provider may still be finishing with another visit or preparing for your visit

Is There a Cost Difference?

While many insurance plans include Telehealth/Video services, coverage varies based on benefit plan and evidence of coverage for each individual.

Telehealth/Video Visit Verbal Consent

When scheduling your appointment, the staff will ask for your consent with the following statements and your consent will be documented in your medical record.

Financial Responsibility (For Medicare Patients)

“Medicare covers your visit. However, please be advised that telehealth services are subject to co-pays and co-insurance. Your liability should be the same as a traditional in-person visit, unless the government issues a waiver a liability. As changes occur frequently we are unable to give you an exact amount.”

Financial Responsibility (For Non-Medicare Patients)

“At the present time we do not currently know if your health plan or IPA (as applicable) will cover this service in full. You may contact your plan to validate if they will be providing coverage for telehealth.”

Conditions of Admission

“By agreeing to receive telehealth consult services, you are agreeing to receive treatment as a Hoag outpatient. Hoag’s Conditions of Admission for Outpatients and Medicare Patient Rights forms are available on Hoag’s website. Do you consent to the terms of Hoag’s Conditions of Admission for Outpatients and Medicare Patient Rights?”

Please visit our Commonly Used Forms page and download the following forms. All forms must be returned to the Center prior to your appointment. Please submit via email, MyChart, fax or regular mail.

Dr. Sadia Khan at Newport Beach:

Dr. Heather Macdonald at Irvine:

Dr. Melvin J. Silverstein at Newport Beach:

Additional Questions?

Please contact our offices at:

Newport Beach: 949-764-8281

Sand Canyon: 949-557-0186

Support Groups

Hoag Cancer Center is offering support groups for our patients. Join others living with breast cancer to support, learn from and encourage each other. Register today for an upcoming session.

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