Classes & Workshops

Cancer Classes & Workshops

Well-informed patients are better equipped to navigate the challenging journey through cancer treatment and recovery. That is why Hoag offers a wide array of free educational programs to support cancer patients in their quest for knowledge. Please visit our community education page to register for a class or workshop. 

Breast Cancer Orientation Class​

We invite all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to attend this special educational class designed to address the unique concerns of the newly diagnosed breast cancer patient. Learn about the support and resources available at Hoag and in the community. Offered virtually and in person on the first Thursday of the month from 12-1:30 p.m.

Workshops for Well-Being

These unique workshops provide an important avenue for achieving well-being and improved quality of life.

Healing Arts Program – Hoag’s Healing Arts Program is a series of classes/workshops that use different approaches to art to evoke relaxation, a space for creativity and time to spend with others in the cancer community.

Caregiver Support – Caregivers are the pillar of strength that an individual going through cancer leans upon. These individuals often place most or all of their attention on their loved one going through treatment, and very little on themselves. Attached is a flyer of resources available to the caregiver, offering ways to reconnect and take time to get the support needed through the cancer journey.

Grief Recovery Series – Join us for an 8 week series that provides a safe environment for you to look at your old beliefs about dealing with loss, which losses have affected your life and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain.

HealthRHYTHMS Drum Circle – Join us to try a new alternative therapy for reducing stress and strengthening your immune system.

Lymphedema Workshop – An educational workshop provided by Lymphedema specialist Leslie Craner.

Fatigue Management: The Impact of Practical, Emotional & Spiritual Concerns

Cancer Related Fatigue