Commonly Used Forms

To help make things easier, we have one area that features commonly used forms that you may need when using one of Hoag’s facilities.


California Immunization Registry

Hoag may share your immunization or tuberculosis (TB) screening test records with the California Immunization Registry (CAIR), a statewide, secure and confidential database of patient immunization information. The CAIR is used by health care professionals, agencies, and schools to keep track of all shots and TB tests you take, and can provide proof about immunizations needed to start child care, school, or a new job. If you do not want your immunization or TB records to be shared with other registry users, please fax or email the “Decline or Start Sharing/Immunization Information Request Form,” available on the CAIR website at, to the CAIR Help Desk at 1-888-436-8320 or