Treatment Options Overview

It is common to feel overwhelmed when researching and deciding on the most effective cancer treatment plan for you. There are several types of breast cancer surgeries and therapies available, so it is important to do the research, and consider the recommendation of your physician in determining the best treatment choice for you.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the main form of treatment for breast cancer. Virtually all patients will need to have the breast cancer surgically removed from their body at some point in their treatment. Classically, surgery has always come first and it was followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy, if necessary. More recently, in some patients who require chemotherapy, it may be given prior to surgery. This is called neoadjuvant or primary chemotherapy.

It is important when considering any type of breast cancer surgery to find a surgeon with extensive experience who performs a high volume of breast cancer surgeries like standard lumpectomies, oncoplastic lumpectomies, standard mastectomies and skin and nipple-areola sparing mastectomies.

At Hoag, we diagnose and treat almost 800 new patients with breast cancer annually. We have highly trained breast surgeons, many who are fellowship trained in the latest breast-saving oncoplastic surgical techniques. Our surgeons work with the Hoag team to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to your care. Learn more about the breast cancer surgery options available at Hoag.