The Five Questions to Ask Your Physician

Communication is the key to any successful doctor-patient relationship. To help make the most out of your next appointment with your primary care physician or OB/GYN, here are five valuable questions to ask:

Use these questions as a guide and include additional questions you may have that are specific to you. No question is too minor.

Helpful tips for leading a proactive lifestyle

As a trusted advocate in breast care, Hoag recommends that you, and all women, take a proactive approach to your breast health, including clinical breast exams by a health care professional. Knowing how your breasts routinely feel and look is valuable in the case that changes occur so you can discuss them with your physician.

In addition, there are many ways you can reduce your risk through nutrition, healthy lifestyle, breastfeeding, and environmental factors. We encourage you to learn more about all the ways you can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Continuum of awareness

Whether it is time for your annual breast screening or you have an area of concern, it is extremely valuable for you to be proactive in your breast health.

Hoag’s comprehensive breast program offers the most advanced screening technologies, along with a compassionate and specialized breast care team.

With a multidisciplinary approach that includes awareness, prevention, early detection, use of promising therapies, and extensive complementary support programs, our team at Hoag is here to help you with your specific breast health needs. Schedule your mammogram today.