Hoag offers a variety of innovative treatment options and the experience of a highly trained clinical team. The breadth of treatment options offered allows you to select the specific treatment type that is best suited for your particular needs. Today, majority of breast cancer patients require some form of surgery to remove the cancer. In addition, some patients may also need other treatment such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.

Breast Cancer treatment options at Hoag include:

Depending on your stage, size of tumor, location, and many other factors – a combination of treatment approaches may be taken to fully treat your cancer.

Rest assured you are in good hands at Hoag. With the most advanced technologies, facilities and a skilled multidisciplinary team to care for you, we will fight your breast cancer together.

Clinical Research

Through innovative clinical trials, Hoag works to advance treatment options and improve healthcare by exploring the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, therapies, medical devices, and clinical and surgical methods. Learn more about breast cancer clinical trials available at Hoag.