Breast Cancer Symptoms

Are You Experiencing Breast Cancer Symptoms?

If you are visiting this web page you may be experiencing breast cancer symptoms.
We understand this can be concerning, but keep in mind that breast cancer symptoms and changes are very common and most are not indications of cancer. If you notice anything that seems unfamiliar, it is very important to follow-up with your physician to evaluate and complete any advised breast screenings.

Hoag recommends that you get to know what is normal for your breasts, as you know your body best, and discuss any changes with your physician. No change is too small to discuss. In fact, the best time to address breast lumps or changes is when you first notice them.

Breast cancer symptoms can vary widely. Some symptoms to check for can include:

If you experience breast symptoms, contact your physician to discuss further or call Hoag’s Breast Center for an appointment with a breast care specialist at 949-764-5780.

Continuum of Awareness

Whether it is time for your annual breast screening or you have an area of concern, it is extremely valuable for you to be proactive in your breast health.

Hoag’s comprehensive breast program offers the most advanced screening technologies, along with a compassionate and specialized breast care team.

With a multidisciplinary approach that includes awareness, prevention, early detection, use of promising therapies, and extensive complementary support programs, our team at Hoag is here to help you with your specific breast health needs. Schedule your mammogram today.