Fertility Preservation

Breast cancer treatments like chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy can affect a patient’s fertility. If you are still considering children, or want to have more children following treatment, speak with your physician about the fertility options best for you. There are now a number of ways to preserve fertility. Research is ongoing to find out how well they work and how safe they are for women with breast cancer. Some options of fertility preservation are not appropriate for certain patients, depending on the type of cancer.

If you’re concerned about how cancer treatment might affect your fertility, you may have options. Getting information about fertility preservation methods before you begin cancer treatment may help you make an informed choice. If you’re considering taking steps to preserve your fertility before cancer treatment, talk to your doctor, oncologist or a reproductive specialist about your options. Your medical team will consider the type of cancer you have, your treatment plan and the amount of time you have before treatment begins to help determine the best approach for you.