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Class & Event Closures

In a preventative effort to protect our patients and help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Hoag has cancelled all events and classes until further notice. Online prenatal courses will be coming soon. Please visit regularly for updates.

OB Education

Hoag's philosophy is that with every birth of a child, there is also the birth of a new family. Through a variety of educational classes and support services, Hoag OB Education supports families throughout the exciting journey of pregnancy and parenthood.​

The following are educational and wellness classes supported by Hoag's OB Education department. Click on any of the classes listed below for a complete description and registration link.

Overview of hospital maternity services:

Pregnancy & Prepared Childbirth:

Breastfeeding Resources:

Postpartum / Parenting:

Newborn Care:

New Mom Care:

Offered at Hoag for Her Center for Wellness and Hoag Pelvic Health Program in Newport Beach and Irvine.