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Simplify your pregnancy and postpartum journey with Nona, a chat support & concierge app for our new and expecting mothers.

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Hoag’s world-class support at home

Hoag's world-class maternity care doesn’t end at delivery. With Hoag’s Nona app, we’re with you at every step of your little one’s journey with expert guides and nurses to provide real-time, personalized advice and nonjudgmental support.

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Hoag's world-class maternity care doesn't end after delivery. Nona's certified experts are here for you, right when you need.

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At every step of your parenthood journey, Nona experts provide nonjudgemental guidance to keep you and your little one on the right track.

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Every journey is unique

Don't trust your baby's health to Google. Nona’s curated resources and clinically-trained experts provide you with comprehensive and personalized support.

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Our experts have answers

Clinical Support - Hoag Nurse

Clinical Support

Hoag Nurse

Hoag Mother-Baby Nurses offer anytime clinical support for your medical needs

Common Topics for Nurses:

Fever Illness Rashes Allergic Reactions Irregular Breathing Heavy Bleeding Migraines
Everyday Support - Nona Guide

Everyday Support

Nona Guide

Guides provide personalized support to help you navigate the new challenges of motherhood

Common Questions for Guides:

Why does my baby keep getting diaper rash? When is it safe to have sex? Is it normal to be this anxious all the time?
Baby Feeding Support - Feeding Consultant

Baby Feeding Support

Feeding Consultant

Lactation Consultants share tips and guidance for all of your feeding-related questions

Common Questions for Specialists:

Help! I'm engorged & I can't get my baby to latch? How can I increase my milk supply? Is this the right nipple size for my baby's bottle?


What our Nona Parents are saying


Answering your questions

Nona guides are all certified, postnatal experts and lactation consultants with at least 5 years of experience (some with as many as 40 years). They are also moms themselves!
No topics are off limits. If it’s mother or baby related, we’re here to help. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or handled before. We’re always available, no matter what you and your new baby’s schedule is. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. That’s why we’re here!
Nona Guides are there for your day-to-day questions and concerns. They’re also available to help guide you to a different resource, if you’re not sure who to contact. Our Nurse Support offers anytime clinical support for your medical needs, while our Feeding Consultants can help with specific feeding questions and are available for video calls for specific concerns.
Don’t leave a baby’s health to Google. Nona’s expert, real guides are eager to help moms with any topics, but we also offer hundreds of Hoag-approved resources that you can use anytime. This includes articles, audio snippets and Hoag Events and classes that are available to you!
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