Having a Baby at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach

What type of deliveries does Hoag offer?

Hoag is well equipped with comprehensive services in place, 24/7, to handle every type of delivery from a single baby birth with ‘no surprises’ to high-risk and multiple infant deliveries. Board Certified obstetricians are supported by highly skilled nurses who specialize only in maternal-child health.

What does comprehensive services at Hoag’s Mother-Baby unit mean?

Hoag offers every type of specialist and support needed for the health and comfort of mother and baby: laborists, perinatologists, fetal diagnostics, nutritional support, “Sweet Success” program for expectant mothers with diabetes, and OB education classes. Hoag also has a Board Certified OB intensivist, anesthesiologist and Board Certified perinatologist on staff 24/7 who are available to attend to the most serious needs should they arise.

What happens if a newborn is born with complications and needs support?

Hoag is proud to offer a certified Level III B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) which is the highest level of care needed for any newborn. The NICU is in close proximity to labor and delivery and is prepared with state-of-the-art equipment to care for even the neediest newborn. A neonatologist and specialized nursing team are on-site 24/7.

Can Hoag handle high-risk births?

Yes, we can handle any type of high-risk birth, including multiple births (twins, triplets, quads). Neonatologists and OB intensivists work in collaboration with a patient’s OB to ensure the safest, most well-planned delivery and care of both mom and baby.

What can I expect when I come to deliver my baby?

When you arrive to deliver, you will be admitted directly to our OB triage area and your status will be assessed. When it is determined that you are in labor, you will be moved to a labor and delivery room. More complete information about the entire delivery experience at Hoag is available in our pre-delivery classes and online at pregnancy.

Does the baby stay with me in the room?

Hoag embraces the theory that newborns benefit from direct contact with the mother immediately after delivery, so newborns room-in with their mothers. Your postpartum nurse will help you have the most positive bonding experience possible.

How long do we stay in the hospital?

Mothers who deliver with no complications are often eager to go home the day after delivering. Eighty percent of mothers who have an uncomplicated C-section are back in the comfort of their own home by the third day after delivery.

What resources are available regarding breastfeeding?

As a certified Baby Friendly™ Hospital, our staff has specialized training in lactation. For new moms who experience nursing challenges, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are available daily. Hoag also offers a breastfeeding clinic and BabyLine phone service to help you during the postpartum adjustment period.

What amenities are available during my stay?

From lovely, private spacious rooms, to a private celebration meal after delivery, families who deliver at Hoag report the highest level of satisfaction.

How can I get more information about delivering my baby at Hoag?

Our website offers information on specific topics related to delivering your baby at Hoag, including an online tour and how to register for educational classes. We encourage you to pre-register early in your pregnancy.

For more information and to register for classes: