Bonding with your new baby is one of life’s most treasured experiences. The postpartum period is also one of the most challenging times as you recover from birth and learn to care for your new baby. Our program offers a board-certified nurse practitioner who will visit you in the comfort of your home to develop an individualized care plan for you and your newborn.

Every patient has a unique experience with their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our experienced health care providers and supportive team are here to provide individualized support during this important time. We work in collaboration with you and your baby’s health care providers which allows you to focus on yourself and your baby.

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Health Care Focused on You & Your Baby


  • Birth & Postpartum Planning

    Starting in your third trimester, our team will work with you to develop an individualized birth plan and prepare you for what to expect in the hospital. We will help ease any anxieties or worries regarding childbirth and help you feel comfortable and ready to bring baby home.

  • Comprehensive Lactation Support

    Our providers are trained in lactation and are here to offer guidance and support to develop good latch techniques. We will perform weekly breastfeeding assessments where we will do weighted feedings and can help with pumping and how to properly store breastmilk. No matter your journey, we are here to support you in your infant feeding experience.

  • Postpartum & Newborn Care

    We provide compassionate and professional care for both mom and baby. We provide weekly in-home visits and are available on-call via phone support for any questions or concerns that may arise. Our expert providers can provide recommendations and guidance for resources, referrals and support groups and even provide in-home lab draws, if needed.

  • Nona Postpartum App

    Our patients receive access to the Nona Postpartum app which provides additional support and resources during your new parenthood journey.

Hoag at Home Postpartum+

A Patient Story

Meet Kerstin Lewis, a first-time mom and a patient of the Hoag at Home Postpartum+ program. Kerstin shares her thoughts on the program and how she benefitted from the in-home care by Hoag.


New Mom Attributes Hoag at Home Postpartum+ Program to a Better Postpartum Experience

Carly was first introduced to the Hoag at Home Postpartum+ program during a routine check-up with her doctor, Dr. Marina Maslovaric. As a new mom, the comfort the program would provide her with was invaluable...

Maternal Patient is Grateful for Access to Hoag at Home Postpartum+

As a first-time mother, Sydney Linden found great comfort in Hoag at Home Postpartum+. She was amazed at the direct access and immediate responses the Postpartum+ team offered following the birth of her son. Anytime, day or night, the Hoag team was available to answer questions and ease concerns that came with navigating the journey…

Patient Receives Unique Gift for Postpartum Support

Molly Brooks had no idea what to expect from a unique baby shower gift that gave her access to Hoag at Home Postpartum+, but she quickly fell in love with all the services it has to offer before and after birth. The Postpartum+ team, including Anne Ray, M.D., and Erica Golden, F.N.P., provided quality care…

“I am passionate about supporting new parents to have a healthy and joyful start to their life as a family.”


Meet the Hoag at Home Care Team

Family Medicine

Anne Ray, M.D.

Dr. Anne Ray is passionate about supporting new parents to have a healthy and joyful start to their life as a family. As a board-certified family medicine physician and experienced mom of four, Dr. Ray specializes in the health and well-being of young families and brings a wealth of knowledge to her patients.

She learned early about caring for mothers and babies from her own mother who was a doula and her father who was also a family doctor who delivered generations of babies. She also spent time learning from midwives in the premier hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Ray received her medical degree from University of California, San Francisco and completed her residency at University of Utah Department of Family and Preventive Medicine with a focus in maternal-child health. She spent five years practicing full spectrum family medicine, including delivering her own patients’ babies before transitioning to outpatient clinical practice.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Erica Golden, F.N.P.

Compassionate. This one word captures Erica’s drive and motivation to serve as a family nurse practitioner with the Hoag at Home Postpartum + program. Erica spent the last six years as a labor and delivery nurse at Hoag and now she is a new mom and truly understands the joy of parenthood. She is thrilled to serve as a resource for her patients during this special time as they transition from care in the hospital to care in the home.

As she states, “The thought of being able to help make a difference in the lives of others is something that has always come naturally to me. Since I began my career, I have always had a passion in the field of maternal child health and I decided to join this program because I feel that there is a need for postpartum and newborn care in our community.”

Erica attended nursing school at San Diego State University and went on to receive her Master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from California State University, Long Beach.

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