Breast Ultrasound Imaging

Breast ultrasound is a comfortable procedure using harmless, high frequency sound waves to form images of the breast. During the exam, gel is spread over the breast while an instrument (a transducer) is placed against the skin translating images onto a monitor.

Breast ultrasound:

  • May be ordered by your physician or radiologist to obtain additional images of the breast
  • Is frequently used to assess a lump or mass, new or worsening breast pain, nipple discharge or other breast changes
  • Can be helpful to further screen women with dense breasts or implants whose mammogram may be difficult to interpret
  • Can be a useful alternative for supplemental screening of women at elevated risk for breast cancer who are not candidates for breast MRI.

Breast ultrasound is not a replacement for a breast mammogram. Rather, a mammogram and ultrasound work together to provide more detailed information because breast cancer can present in many different forms, and ultrasound will miss some cancers that mammography will detect. Breast ultrasound is available at Hoag Breast Center Newport Beach, Hoag Breast Center Irvine (Sand Canyon) and Hoag Imaging & Breast Center Huntington Beach.

To schedule your breast ultrasound, call 949-764-5573.

NOTE: you will need an order from your health care provider prior to scheduling your exam.