Knowledge is power - understand your personal risks

Every woman’s risk is different, so the more you understand about potential risk, the more you empower yourself to take proactive steps to prevent cancer, or detect it early – when most treatable.

Factors such as age, family history and genetics, heritage, lifestyle and breast density can all play a part in your individual risks for breast cancer. We encourage you to complete one of our recommended risk assessment tools below, and follow up with your physician, or a member of Hoag’s caring breast team with questions at 949-764-5780.

Continuum of awareness

Whether it is time for your annual breast screening or you have an area of concern, it is extremely valuable for you to be proactive in your breast health.

Hoag’s comprehensive breast program offers the most advanced screening technologies, along with a compassionate and specialized breast care team.

With a multidisciplinary approach that includes awareness, prevention, early detection, use of promising therapies, and extensive complementary support programs, our team at Hoag is here to help you with your specific breast health needs. Schedule your mammogram today.