Recorded Bariatric Surgery Information Session

Congratulations on taking the first steps on your weight-loss journey! In this information session video, you’ll meet members of Hoag’s bariatric team, learn about the types of weight-loss surgery we offer, as well as eligibility and program requirements to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment that requires lifestyle and behavioral changes, dedication and perseverance. Our multi-disciplinary team of physicians, registered dietitians, nurses and other specialists are dedicated to the highest level of patient care and will be with you every step of the way. This information session and introduction to our program is a prerequisite to ensure every new patient is well informed prior to their initial consult with our bariatric clinical specialist.

While viewing this video, please limit distractions, turn off your phone and prepare to begin a journey that will truly change the quality of your life! You are encouraged to watch the video as often as you like, using the password you were provided.* We recommend taking notes and writing down any questions that come to mind so you can share them with our provider during your consult.

After viewing the video, please continue by taking the questionnaire below.

Information Session Questionnaire

Please note that completion of this questionnaire is a requisite step in joining your weight loss journey with Hoag. Someone will then reach out to you to help schedule an appointment with our team.

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A patient with a BMI of 34 would be considered as “eligible” for weight loss surgery?*
The sleeve gastrectomy is a reversible procedure.*
I will need to engage in 3-6 months of a dietitian supported nutrition program prior to being approved for surgery.*
Prior to and following bariatric surgery, I will need to make permanent behavioral and lifestyle modifications, to achieve successful and sustainable, long-term weight loss.*
Smoking is not allowed for 1 month prior to surgery but a patient may resume smoking 1 month after surgery*
On average, patients can expect to lose 100% of their “excess weight” within 1 to 2 yrs after surgery.*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.