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Discover Our Whole-Person Approach

Explore real-world support services that integrate wellness, nutrition and mental resilience with compassionate care so you can live your best possible life.

Our dedicated nurse navigators provide assistance to you and your family to access and then chart a course through your health care journey. The navigators also play an important role in providing patient education and advocacy to our digestive health community.

From obesity, reflux and irritable bowel to more complex digestive problems, dietary and nutrition guidance is part of your care plan. Our digestive health dietary team is dedicated to helping you meet your nutritional goals and understand the valuable relationship between good nutrition and health. 

Short and long-term digestive health issues can take a toll on your overall well-being over time. That’s why we provide complimentary care counseling geared toward managing your condition when life hits you with a road-bump. Learn coping strategies and other stress reduction tools so you don’t derail on your journey towards a healthier life.

Integrative medicine enhances patient outcomes and refers to any type of medical practice or product that is not standard care. Our integrative medicine options ensure you are at the center of your care. Common conditions needing this type of treatment include pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, painful bladder syndrome, painful intercourse, urinary and fecal incontinence among others. These services are also designed to maintain a high quality of lifestyle and support general wellbeing.

Further integrating psychological and dietary counseling, acupuncture, guided imagery, Pilates, mindfulness exercises or massage into your treatment plan allows you to discover what works best for your own path to healing.

Hoag’s Ostomy Support team offers education and assistance to successfully manage an ostomy so you can resume normal daily activities.

The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center provides innovative and customized programs for all ages and types of diabetes diagnosis to manage your condition.

Your genes may put you at a higher risk for certain conditions. Our genetic counseling team can offer risk assessment and genetic cancer testing for those with a personal or family history of certain cancers.

Hoag Digestive Health Institute offers virtual classes and support groups for people who are interested in or have undergone bariatric weight loss surgery or are managing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Learn, listen or ask questions – these meetings are all for you and your family in support of your digestive health journey.