​FibroScan Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tool


Hoag is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art liver screening technology called FibroScan®, the first device to be FDA-approved for managing patients with liver disease. Hoag is the only hospital in Orange County to offer this non-invasive technology for liver assessment. Physician referral is required.

Benefits include:

  • Non-invasive method of testing for liver fibrosis and cirrhosis without the side effects or complications of a needle biopsy.
  • Alternative painless diagnostic tool that is able to evaluate 100 times more liver patients with improved results.
  • 10-minute test that is performed in the doctor’s office and is covered by most insurances.


Also referred to as transient elastography, FibroScan measures the stiffness of your liver by emitting a small pulse of energy, which may feel like a small vibration on your skin. It then calculates the speed of this energy to give your doctor an immediate measure of the stiffness of your liver, which can help determine your overall liver health.