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‘How Does One Live a Good Life?’

“I think Mr. Hoag was the nicest person, and the kindest person, in the whole world,” Cristina said.


Responsive, Thoughtful Care Helps Young Dad Recover from Back Injury

“By monitoring me almost every day, being flexible and responsive, Dr. Mehta gave me the confidence that doing the procedure was the right thing to do,” he said.


Hoag Renews – and Preserves – Quality of Life for Patient with Epilepsy

“Dr. Millett truly is amazing. The patience he had with us was huge,” Seth said. “It did really help when Dr. Mehta and Dr. Millett sat with us together and explained what was at risk with brain function and what wasn’t. They were incredible.”


Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at Hoag’s Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute Proves Successful, Even During Pandemic

“It was helpful to meet with the doctors and the other patients who have similar issues. It was comforting to know you’re not alone, it’s common,” she said.


Hoag Nurse Andrea Finds ‘Silver Lining’ in Hereditary Cancer Team

“It was super scary, but Frances in Hoag’s Hereditary Cancer Program was awesome. She was nice and informative. She gave us all sorts of information and told us about the plan and screening process. She was very helpful at a bad time,” Andrea said. “That is what has been great about the program.”


Faith in Hoag and a VR “Sneak Peek” of Her Brain Surgery Put Rebecca Baker at Ease

“I tell everyone now whenever possible: Hoag is where you go if anyone you know needs brain surgery,” she said. “They must go see Dr. Louis at Hoag for a second opinion. It is so important.”


MS Took Away One Woman’s Confidence to Run. Hoag Health Center Foothill Ranch’s Lifestyle Program Gave It Back.

“The minute I met with my primary care physician and they prescribed me the program, the success started,” Corrie said. “From day one it’s been a supportive team. I love the workouts. I never thought I would say that.”

COVID-19 Patient Credits Hoag with Speedy Recovery

“The staff at Hoag was incredible. I saw how much work it was for them, the steps they had to take to get in and out of PPE [or personal protective equipment]. The gloves, the mask, face shield, gown. It was a lot of work for them,” he said. “They gave such great care.”


New Deep Brain Stimulation System Improves Quality of Life for Woman with Parkinson’s Disease

“Everyone there, when I go in, they go the extra mile,” she said. “I see Dr. Thakkar every three months, and he is very caring. When I need something, he takes care of it. I never worry about not being able to get a hold of him. I know that with him, I’ve got it covered.”

After Two Painful Years, Spine Surgery Patient Gets ‘A New Lease on Life’

“I went from a bent-over old man to standing up straight like an old Marine,” said Coppock, 73. “I feel good and confident. I know I’m healed and repaired.”