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From Despair to Disneyland: A Spine Patient Journey

In her 20s, Candice Timmons was involved in a car accident that resulted in chronic back pain. Physical therapy helped for a few years until she developed sciatica during her first pregnancy. Her second pregnancy brought on even more pain. In November 2021, her pain grabbed hold and never let go. Her mobility diminished until … Read More


Hoag Treats First Patient with Aquablation, A New Procedure for Benign Prostate Enlargement

Diagnosed with an oversized prostate and 200 bladder stones, Andrew experienced symptoms of uncontrolled urination. A blood test confirmed that he also had an increased risk for prostate cancer. So, when doctors asked Andrew if he would be willing to wait for treatment, it was not a given that his answer would be, “yes.” But … Read More

Hoag at Home

Maternal Patient is Grateful for Access to Hoag at Home Postpartum+

As a first-time mother, Sydney Linden found great comfort in Hoag at Home Postpartum+. She was amazed at the direct access and immediate responses the Postpartum+ team offered following the birth of her son. Anytime, day or night, the Hoag team was available to answer questions and ease concerns that came with navigating the journey … Read More

Hoag at Home

Patient Receives Unique Gift for Postpartum Support

Molly Brooks had no idea what to expect from a unique baby shower gift that gave her access to Hoag at Home Postpartum+, but she quickly fell in love with all the services it has to offer before and after birth. The Postpartum+ team, including Anne Ray, M.D., and Erica Golden, F.N.P., provided quality care … Read More

Heart & Vascular

World’s First Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker Restores Lifelong Athlete’s Drive

Jerry Kelleher knew that one day he’d need a pacemaker. His cardiologists over the years had warned him as much. But what he couldn’t have known was that when the time came, he’d be excited about it. “I was thrilled to be part of the clinical trial at Hoag,” Kelleher, 71, said of the world’s … Read More

Featured Story

‘I Didn’t Know How Much Pain I Was in Until I Was Out of It”

Sarah Post was able to get through the day. She was on her feet a lot and took frequent flights for work. Yes, her back hurt. But she figured it was sciatica left over from her pregnancy with twin boys that she delivered at Hoag nine years ago. It would flare up from time to … Read More

Gastric Bypass Patient Loses Over 200 Pounds and Regains His Life: ‘I Feel Like I Have a Future’

Chris Hill can slide right onto a rollercoaster. He finds the seats at Angels Stadium downright roomy. He cycles about 23 miles a day on the vintage beach cruisers that he loves to restore. Life is good. “Everything is beautiful,” said Hill, who received bariatric surgery from the experts at Hoag’s Digestive Health Institute at … Read More


Marathoner Regains Ability to Compete After Life-Changing Spine Procedure

When Beth Sanden found Dr. Burak Ozgur, Director for the Hoag Spine Center, she was losing hope. After visiting 5 other doctors, she wasn’t sure anyone would be able to help her back injury. “She went in and had a consultation. I didn’t get to be there, but when she came home, she was radiant,” … Read More


Ophthalmologist Appreciates Spine Surgeon Who Keeps an Eye on Details

Hoag Ophthalmologist Robert Jones, M.D., hadn’t slept well in more than four years. Leg pain and foot cramping kept him awake. He’d also had back pain for decades. But the neurologists and other physicians he had seen over the years didn’t seem to pay attention to the details that troubled Dr. Jones most. In 2018, … Read More

Featured Story

Patient Finds Wound-Healing Relief from Hoag Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The entire “Star Wars” oeuvre (the old stuff and the new stuff). “Andor.” “The Mandalorian.” While undergoing treatment at the Sally & Joseph Warpinski Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine Center, patients are invited to pass the time by watching movies or TV. Jeffrey Diercksmeier devoted his 50 hours of healing to the George Lucas universe … Read More