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ASPIRE Program Helps Teens and Families Cope with Mental Health

“She could still go to school and be part of this program. I liked that she was going to receive therapeutic help and that the psychiatric care was packaged into it. On top of it, was the family program content. It was all the care she needed.”

Heart & Vascular

Stu News Publisher Has a New Appreciation for Hoag

“Hoag is an extraordinary place. Their doctors are the best in the business, and their programs are nationally renowned.”

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Hoag Rehabilitation Services Helps Police Offer

The progress from where I was to where I am now, is a huge motivator to keep going.


Grateful Patient Works to "Pay it Forward"

“Dr. Schrage was like a godsend to me, someone who could finally provide me with the help that I so desperately needed. After my first consultation with Dr. Schrage, I knew she was the right medical professional for me.”

After 70 Years of Pain, Surgery Has Marlene Kelley Dancing Again

“Dr. Ozgur is my sweetheart,” said Marlene. “He’s given me my life back.”


Complex Bladder Cancer Patient Finds Experience & Compassion

“I am not sure what Hoag is doing different, but it shows. All of their staff is so caring and beyond qualified. They were constantly focused on my needs and I never felt lost in my cancer journey,” said Chuck.


Hoag Stokes Fire Captain's Ambitious Rehab Goals

“People ask me, ‘How did you do it?’ And I always say, ‘Faith, family, friends and a lot of hard work,” he said. “Hoag bought in and really pushed me. I’m still getting better.”

Diabetes Center

Fullerton Resident Vigilant in Fight Against Diabetes

James Tillman couldn’t understand why his throat was so incredibly dry. Even after guzzling three 32-ounce bottles of water and getting a good night’s rest, the dryness persisted. A healthy, 26-year old, James had begun to notice that over the past four months he was feeling fatigued and abnormally thirsty. By August 2018, his symptoms … Read More


Four Breast Cancer Diagnoses. Two Rare Genetic Mutations.

Breast surgeon, Dr. Sadia Khan, walked me through every step of the process from the diagnostic work up, to testing with genetic counselors and discussing my surgical options. I love the way she was able to take the medical terms and make them understandable through analogies. She has such positive energy and made me feel more comfortable through this difficult process.

Hoag’s CLIMB Program Cares for the Caregivers & Their Children

"Within the first week of diagnosis, I was thinking, ‘How do we manage this in terms of mental health?’ I’ve never had therapy before. Nobody in our nuclear family has. We have never had to navigate anything like this."