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      • DrJanuaryLopez 130
        • Saving women from breast cancer is paramount, so let's talk about better tools
          July 20, 2015
          Over half a century after the introduction of modern-day mammography, the screening controversy seems stronger than ever. Heated debates are centered on determining the effects of mammograms on b...
      • hoag logo 130
        • Making the surf safe
          July 15, 2015
          As a longtime lifeguard, Scott Underhill has watched over the water since the '70s. He knows how a pleasant day at the beach can turn into the worst day of a beachgoer's life.
      • Hoag building 130
        • How to keep senior citizens safe behind the wheel
          July 11, 2015
          For many, especially seniors in our community, nothing defines independence more than the ability to drive. The freedom to run errands at-will, visit doctors or meet friends for lunch is importan...
      • Hoag Hospital Foundation
        • Circle 1000 raises funds, hope for cancer fight
          June 26, 2015
          In the world of nonprofit gatherings, inspiration is often key to the fundraising tally. Maybe even more significant is the inspiration that binds people, not just for the cause, but as community...
      • Ueberroth 130
        • Women's health care at Hoag gets $5 million 'pot of gold' from Ueberroth family
          June 16, 2015
          Dr. Allyson Brooks has big ideas for improving women’s health care at Hoag Hospital. Until recently, she just wasn’t sure how she’d pay for the path to make them a reality.
      • Louis headshot 130
        • Charity Spotlight: Gritty Up Fundraiser Nets $180,000 for John Wayne Cancer Foundation
          June 12, 2015
          GRIT Cycle has become known for giving back to the community, and on May 29 and 30, they did it in a big way with the second annual “Gritty Up” fundraising event to benefit the John Wayne Cancer ...
      • Dr Yoshida
        • Moment for Health: The Art of Prostate Surgery with da Vinci Robot
          June 12, 2015
          The arm rotates and swivels with extreme dexterity to position itself just above the body. Another arm lowers gently into the abdomen while two other arms attached to a heavy metal body wait for ...
      • Neurosciences Institute 130
        • Commentary: Make sure your child is ready for the stressors of college
          June 8, 2015
          One of the most important things to remember about raising children is that you're really raising adults. As high school seniors decide where to attend college, parents are starting to realize th...
      • Alan Beyer 130
        • Local Focus: Hoag Doctor's Sports Radio Show Hits a Home Run
          June 7, 2015
          ​Here’s a question that even a first year medical student might not be able to answer: What organ of the body gets stronger the more you use it?
      • hoag logo 130
        • Take a moment this month to recognize nurses
          May 29, 2015
          This month we celebrated Nurses Week, a week devoted to honoring the people who are devoted to helping the rest of us. It may not be as big a holiday as Mother's Day or Father's Day, but by celeb...
      • Daniel Nadeau
        • Students get to know vegetables from the ground up
          May 29, 2015
          After a night of rain, the sun made an appearance just in time for Dr. Daniel Nadeau's morning visit to the Rea Elementary School's vegetable garden.
      • Hoag Orthopedic Institute
        • What it takes to reach 5 stars: Hoag Orthopedic Institute CEO weighs in
          May 28, 2015
          Irvine-Calif.-based Hoag Orthopedic Institute recently earned a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for patient experience and quality; making it one of only eigh...
      • Dr Burton Eisenberg 130
        • Commentary: Protect your skin and notice changes in moles
          May 22, 2015
          Wear sunscreen. In Orange County, where the climate often feels like perpetual summer, this advice is simple but significant in preventing melanoma — the most dangerous of skin cancers.
      • WomensPavilion Sunset 130
        • How One Hospital Brought Its C-Section Rate Down Fast
          May 15, 2015
          ​Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, one of the largest and most respected facilities in Orange County, needed to move quickly.
      • Angela 2015 130
        • Hoag honors Nurse of the Year
          May 13, 2015
          ​Hoag Hospital has named Angela Mankoff, a sub intensive care unit nurse, as its 2015 Nurse of the Year.

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Hoag Videos

  • HHI 253
    Hoag Hospital Irvine Hosts Patient Reunion with Orange County Fire Authority
  • St Joseph Hoag Health
    Introducing St. Joseph Hoag Health Alliance
  • The Journey Continues Consumer
    The Journey Continues: A Look Back...A Look Forward
  • HB Senior Video Image Consumer
    Hoag Donates to New Huntington Beach Senior Center
  • Heart and Vascular Institute
    Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute Grand Opening
  • Hoag Hospital 60 Years Serving Orange County
    Hoag Hospital: 60 Years Serving Orange County
  • Hoag Medical Group
    Introducing Hoag Medical Group
  • Hoag Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center Overview
    Hoag Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center
    Hoag Certified COEMIG for GYN Care in Orange County
  • LINX
    LINX: Find Relief from Chronic Reflux at Hoag
  • Joseph Hoag Press Conf Video image
    Hoag & St. Joseph Health Affiliation Press Conference Video
  • Yoshida
    Dr. Jeffrey Yoshida Discusses Prostate Cancer
  • Silverstein
    Dr. Melvin Silverstein Discusses Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
  • Hoag Maternity Services Newport Beach
    Hoag Maternity Services, Labor & Delivery, and Mother-Baby Unit Virtual Tour
  • Hoag for Life video
    Hoag for Life
  • Irvine Tour
    Tour of Hoag Hospital Irvine
  • Dr Christopher Duma Discusses Brain Tumors
    Dr. Christopher Dumas Discusses Brain Tumors
  • Dr Daniel Bandari
    Dr. Daniel Bandari Discusses Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • TAVR
    Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
  • Panutich
    Dr. Michael Panutich Discusses Electrophysiology
  • Dr Christopher
    Dr. Christopher Duma Discusses Gamma Knife
  • Dr Janet Chance
    Dr. Janet Chance & Dr. Christopher Duma Discuss Movement Disorders

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    • Patient Stories
    • Amy Osborn did not realize how much her health issues had affected her life. But a month after being seen by renowned epileptologist David Millett, M.D., she got an inkling.

    • ​Amy Osborn, Newport Beach, CA
    • Patient Stories
    • Samantha Estock was just 12-years-old when the seizures began. Sometimes they’d come in rapid succession – as many as three per minute. Sometimes she’d get as many as 200 seizures in one day.

    • ​Samantha Estock, Westminster, CA
    • Patient Stories
    • Undergoing treatment for melanoma is far from a “positive experience,” but those are the first words David Hartshorne uses when he discusses the care he received at Hoag.

      David Hartshorne, Irvine, CA

    • Patient Stories
    • Last year, the retired schoolteacher’s aortic valve became so narrowed, that Barbara Keene would become profoundly short of breath with walking and would pass out frequently.

      Barbara Keene, Orange County, CA
      Heart & Vascular
    • Patient Stories
    • Bill Murdock is not sure of the exact number of times the doctors at Hoag saved his life, but he knows it is several, and he is grateful.

    • Bill Murdock, Orange County, CA
      Heart & Vascular
    • Patient Stories
    • ​She stared at the slice of pepperoni pizza sitting on her coffee table.

      It was exciting to order it, exciting to think about tasting the salty cheese and sweet sauce, but Sarah had not had pizza, her favorite food, in more than a year.

    • Sarah, Orange County, California
      Esophageal Cancer

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