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      • hoag logo 130
        • Hoag will donate $3.7 million to Huntington Beach Senior Center
          November 10, 2014
          Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian announced Monday that it will donate more than $3.7 million to help build a new senior center at Central Park and establish programs to improve the health and ...
      • Dr BZ article
        • Part 1: Psych patients pack emergency rooms
          October 25, 2014
          ​Two years ago, Marty Naftel felt one of his bipolar crises coming on and went straight to the hospital. The 53-year old Midway City resident had learned he had bipolar disorder 29 years earlier ...
        • Emergency room nurses pay price for parked psych patients
          October 25, 2014
          Laura Arguija still remembers the taste of the blood in her mouth from the time she was attacked by a psychiatric patient in the emergency room of a large hospital in San Bernardino County, where...
      • Dr Allyson Brooks
        • Each woman is an individual when it comes to cancer screening
          October 24, 2014
          ​Some researchers recommend that women get mammograms annually after age 40. Others suggest the test is best if women receive it every other year starting at age 50.
      • DrJanuaryLopez 130
        • Become breast-cancer aware no matter your family history
          October 24, 2014
          When I ask patients if they perform regular breast self-exams I often hear, "no," and the excuse, "I'm not high-risk." What they mean is that they don't have a family history of breast cancer or ...
      • Sleep center 130
        • Students lack of sleep impacts academic performance
          October 22, 2014
          Between juggling a full school schedule, work and a personal life, college students often spend long nights cramming for a test, accompanied by enormous amounts of caffeine. This requires taking ...
      • Newport Bay 130
        • Hoag Memorial Partners with Newport Beach Surgical Center
          October 20, 2014
          ​Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has invested in the Newport Bay Surgery Center, which has more than 35 doctors on its medical staff and performs over 5,000 ophthalmology procedures each year...
      • Neurosciences Institute 130
        • 100 Hospitals with Great Neurosurgery and Spine Programs 2014
          October 17, 2014
          Hoag was named to Becker's Hospital Review's 2014 list of great neurosurgery and spine programs for offering remarkable spine and neurosurgical care as based on clinical accolades and recognition...
      • Hoag Orthopedic Institute
        • Repetitive Pitching May Cause Teens Serious Shoulder Problems
          October 14, 2014
          Young athletes who pitch more than 100 balls a week risk getting a painful overuse injury that can hamper normal shoulder development, new research shows.
      • Cancer Center
        • Surfboards on Parade now parading through auction winner's home
          October 13, 2014
          ​Chris Byrne went on a winning streak Saturday at the Surfboards on Parade art auction, bringing home five one-of-a-kind boards designed by teams of renowned artists and shapers.
      • Jay Puangco 130
        • Sufficient sleep is essential for healthy minds and bodies
          October 11, 2014
          ​When my younger son was a junior in high school, his packed schedule left appallingly insufficient time for a basic human need: sleep.
      • hoag logo 130
        • Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Receives 2014 Women's Choice Award®
          October 10, 2014
          ​Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian has received the 2014 Women's Choice Award for being voted as one of America's Best Hospitals for Patient Experience by women.
      • Hoag HB Expansion 10
        • Healthy dose of wisdom
          October 8, 2014
          Hoag Health Center - Huntington Beach, 19582 Beach Blvd., will hold a free Health and Wellness Fair for seniors from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday.
      • Cancer Center
        • Surfboards on Parade now on auction
          October 8, 2014
          When all is said and done, when the last exclamation of "Sold!" rings out Saturday night at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, Paul Frechette will be left with a bittersweet feeling.
      • Hoag Orthopedic Institute
        • 36 spine surgeons under 40 to know
          October 6, 2014
          Hoag Orthopedic Institute's Dr. Richard Lee was named to the list for being among young leaders in the spine field today.

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    Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
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    Dr. Michael Panutich Discusses Electrophysiology
  • Dr Christopher
    Dr. Christopher Duma Discusses Gamma Knife
  • Dr Janet Chance
    Dr. Janet Chance & Dr. Christopher Duma Discuss Movement Disorders

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    • Patient Stories
    • 6 years ago, at 24yrs old, Lindsay suddenly had a seizure. You’d never know Lindsay had been treated for glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive type of brain tumor. Read​ Lindsay's story


    • Lindsay Susskind, Irvine, CA

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