Diabetes Clinical Trials

The Allen Diabetes Center at Hoag maintains a strong clinical and psychosocial research program with a primary objective of improving the lives of people with diabetes. We maintain multidisciplinary collaborations with a variety of organizations including academic institutions, industry, and charitable foundations. Our research team maintains a strong publication record and is regularly invited to present their study findings at national conferences and other scientific meetings.

Currently, the following projects are underway:

  • ​Study title: Evaluating patient engagement and other outcomes for ethnically diverse patients with type 2 diabetes participating in a structured, physician-supported, and patient-centered diabetes education program. The study will improve our understanding of various provider and patient-related factors that may impact patient engagement in diabetes education programs. Findings from the study will be used to develop an outcomes based, patient-centered education program for people with type 2 diabetes with optimal engagement from their physicians.
  • Study title: Evaluation of patient-related expectations from their healthcare professionals regarding information about oral medication: results from a multi-ethnic cohort with type 2 diabetes. This study was partly funded by a grant from the Western University and will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. David Pham. The project will help explore the type of information, patients with type 2 diabetes from different ethnic groups expect from their physicians regarding diabetes medications. Findings will inform development of a toolkit that patients can use to seek important information about their diabetes medications with an aim to improve their medication-related understanding and adherence.
  • Study title: Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a telehealth intervention to augment clinical and psychosocial management of gestational diabetes in a randomized cohort of ethnically diverse patients. This project has the potential to improve care delivery and self-management for women with gestational diabetes by offering them quick and convenient access to their diabetes care teams when needed.
  • Study title: Transition to adult care in type 1 diabetes – Understanding needs, expectations, and experiences of emerging adults, parents, and healthcare professionals. This project has been designed to understand concerns and expectations of T1D patients, their families, and providers regarding the transition process from a national sample of stakeholders. Study findings will subsequently help develop recommendations to implement a comprehensive and patient-centered transition process for emerging adults with T1D.

To learn more about available clinical trials, please contact us.